About us

La Maison Noire is a young dynamic company specialized in selling high quality body care products with natural ingredients.We are located in the Netherlands.
Our product catalog is constantly expanding to bring the best body care in reach of a broad scale of consumers.

All chosen products are qualified by our standards:

  • Honest
  • Natural/Organic
  • Want to haves

Our Mission

Our mission represents our company goals, which are leading for our decisions and choices.
Improve accessibility of high quality body care products on the EU market.

  • Be different with honest, natural products
  • Create moments of joy

Our Vision

Our main goal is adding joy to life by improving the accessibility of body care products, which are pleasant to use, fun to look at and take care of your body without damaging the environment. 

To accomplish our mission we have our vision to guide La Maison Noire.

  • People; create a working environment where people are inspired to be creative
  • Products; assembling a wide line of products, which provide in consumer needs and satisfaction
  • Partners; maintaining an efficient conjunction between suppliers, La Maison Noire and customers for mutual benefits and growth
  • Permanent; ever expanding assortment of honest, natural body care products
  • Planet; choosing durable products for environmental protection
  • Profit; a lean and mean, solid company to maximize profits
  • Prosperity; add joy to live


La Maison Noire is a part of NUT B.V.

Combined skills and many years of experience in creative marketing, sales and accounting are the fundaments of NUT. Driven by the desire to make new innovative and honest products more accessible for consumers.