Brooklyn Soap Company

Turning regular dudes into dapper gentlemen

Brooklyn Soap is all about giving you the good stuff and none of the bullshit.
We create high quality natural grooming products designed specially for men. In the past men have been overlooked in the personal hygiene products department; we make grooming and hygiene customized to the gentleman’s needs.

Organic Ingredients,
Zero Bullshit

No Animal Testing,
All Vegan Ingredients

Crafted By People,
Made In Germany

We don’t like bullshit and neither should you. That’s why we approach our products the Brooklyn way: zero bullshit. And when we say that, we mean zero parabens, zero lauryl sulphates and zero silicone oils. We don’t play like that. Instead, we brew our products with high quality, natural oils derived from fruits and plants.

We don’t believe in testing on animals, period. We live in an era where we are able to use technology to test products. So we take advantage to this and put our products through an extensive testing process and then we test them on ourselves before let anyone else see them for the first time.

We put a lot love and spirit into Brooklyn Soap. Each product is made and hand-packed by a real person right down to the stamp on your package. All of our products are produced in small batches to ensure freshness and to lessen our footprint on our planet.

You deserve to achieve that well-groomed look with products designed for men because, you’re actually a man, man! We use high quality vegan ingredients, only. We love design and we keep our products honest and simple. Thus, we cherish what makes you a man.